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Identity & Access Specialist

Develop and manage Identity & Access Management so that employees at skeyes have the adequate access to systems and programs to carry out their work

What does a skeyes Identity & Access Specialist do?

  1. Develop a strategic plan and policy in the field of Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) in line with regulatory requirements and in consultation with all stakeholders.
  • Developing an action plan for the implementation of IAM and PAM;
  • Mapping the various programmes and systems, their access mechanisms and their owners;
  • Defining the access granting processes in consultation with the owners of the programmes and systems.
  1. Implementing the IAM/PAM policy
  • Selecting and implementing an IAM/PAM tool in which access to programs and systems can be monitored in real time;
  • Building interfaces between the IAM/PAM tool and the various programs and systems;
  • Identifying who needs which access rights and who can grant access;
  • Building access clusters and linking to them automatic work flows;
  • Automating the granting of access rights;
  • Defining auditable attestation processes.
  1. Raise awareness of the IAM/PAM policy
  • Informing stakeholders about the IAM/PAM procedures and convince them of their importance;
  • Remedying if insufficient or superfluous access has been granted;
  • Escalation when procedures are not followed.
  1. Follow-up of the IAM/PAM policy
  • Checking whether the IAM/PAM procedures are adequately applied and workable, defining the necessary audit evidence;
  • Maintaining and optimising the IAM/PAM processes and procedures.
  1. Act as a (2nd line) single point of contact in case of incidents and for the service desk and other teams in case of problems related to IAM technology or procedures.
  2. Support audits of the IAM/PAM procedures.

Candidate profile

What makes you the ideal Identity & Access Specialist?

  • You have a master’s degree (preferably IT) or equivalent knowledge gained through relevant work experience.
  • You have a demonstrable work experience in IAM operations, projects or services.
  • You speak and write fluent English, Dutch and/or French.
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Security Screening

In light of the vacancy to which you respond we would like to draw your special attention to the fact that prior to being employed by skeyes candidates have to undergo a security screening which will be carried out by the National Security Authority. More info

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