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Senior Project Manager

The mission of the General Directorate Finances is to contribute to the successful realisation of the project portfolio by executing the projects in a structured way so that they are delivered on time and with the available resources.

What does a skeyes Senior Project Manager do?

He draws up a project plan in consultation with the parties concerned (managers, experts, etc.) in order to ensure that the projects are carried out in a structured manner, that all the necessary parties are represented, that all the necessary expertise is available and that all the elements are taken into account.

This includes the following:

  • defining the scope and objectives of the project;
  • determining the material, human and financial resources and verifying that these resources are or will be available;
  • elaborating and writing out the different steps, which can be completed consecutively or in parallel, within the project path;
  • defining the parties involved and the necessary length of time at each step;
  • identifying the risk factors which may lead to delays or blockages in the implementation of the project, including the measures necessary to neutralise or at least control these factors;
  • defining the (critical) success factors that will serve as a reference to measure the progress of the project on a regular basis.

He implements the project plan in such a way that the activities of the parties involved are minimally affected by their involvement in the project.

This includes the following:

  • organising and facilitating workshops and meetings;
  • taking the necessary steps to have all the necessary expertise and relevant documentation available in a structured manner within the project group and at the respective consultation moments;
  • ensuring that all parties concerned are systematically and, above all, timely informed of the state of affairs, the progress of thought processes, the proposals and the decisions taken;
  • monitoring the project plan and risks so that the project progresses and is delivered within the pre-defined schedule (in terms of deliverables, time and budget) and with the available resources;
  • ensuring timely and frequent validation of all lines of thought, proposals and current concepts;
  • reporting to management on the content of the project so that they can give advice and/or take decisions on the points that are presented for this purpose.

He ensures direct follow-up up to and including the formal hand-over after implementation of the project with the aim of ensuring its integration into day-to-day activities without any negative impact on quality, performance, safety guarantees, etc.

This includes the following:

  • ensuring follow-up for a predetermined period after implementation;
  • inserting for a final evaluation;
  • ensuring a formal handover after this period.

He manages a communication plan to be supported by the project team, the sponsors of the project and, by extension, by all parties within the project and the target group of future users, with the aim of ensuring the practical organisation of all information flows, in a formal and sometimes informal manner, at regular and ad hoc intervals and according to the progress of the project.
He ensures reporting at corporate level with the aim of keeping Management informed of the status of the projects.

This includes the following:

  • collecting and determining the relevant project data;
  • reporting this data to the PMO and Management (in accordance with the prescribed or agreed formats, times and target groups).

Candidate profile

What makes you the perfect Senior Project Manager?

  • you obtained a Master's degree, preferably in a financial or IT field, and have at least 7 years of relevant experience;
  • with your knowledge and expertise in project management you guarantee that the different projects will be managed successfully;
  • you have a thorough knowledge and experience in the implementation of tools such as ERP, BPF and BPMS;
  • you have experience in optimization and describing processes and procedures;
  • you are strong in data & information management and streamlining reporting tools;
  • you have strong functional analytical skills and a hands-on mentality;
  • you communicate openly and have a customer-oriented attitude;
  • you have a solid knowledge of Dutch and French.
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Security Screening

In light of the vacancy to which you respond we would like to draw your special attention to the fact that prior to being employed by skeyes candidates have to undergo a security screening which will be carried out by the National Security Authority. More info