Drone Service Application

The new DSA tool is provided by skeyes free of charge. It allows you to plan and carry out all of your drone operations in skeyes controlled airspace, as well as in Kortrijk RMZ.

For authorization to fly in geozones other than skeyes CTRs and EBKT/RMZ, please consult which relevant geozone manager you need to contact via Droneguide Map.

What's available


What about Droneguide?
Together with the emergence of the new EU legislation, Droneguide will disappear. At least in the way you used to know it. On map.droneguide.be you will still get to see the map of Belgium, but this will change to seeing all new Belgian GeoZones. As Class 1 derogations and notifications are no longer applicable, you will no longer find the Droneguide user portal and app as of 31/12. 
All flights occuring in the GeoZones managed by skeyes, i.e. above and around all 5 major airports, however still require specific flight approval by skeyes using a new seperate tool (Drone Service Application).

How does this impact my current working in Droneguide?
The Droneguide Portal will be accessible until 31/12/2020, so you will be able to download your current data. After that, all flight authorization requests for skeyes’ CTRs or Kortrijk will need to handled through the DSA tool.

For more information on the transition from Droneguide to DSA, click here.

In what areas can I use the DSA tool?

With the new EU drone legislation (EU IR 2019/947), skeyes will become a "UAS Geographical Zone" manager, responsible for the flight authorisation process in the CTRs of Antwerpen, Brussels, Charleroi, Liège and Oostende as well as the RMZ of Kortrijk-Wevelgem.

Regarding other relevant UAS Geographical Zones in Belgium and who their managers are, please consult Droneguide Map, which will be updated in compliance with the EU legislation.

Do you have more questions? Issues? Feedback?

Please note that more information about the tool will be released on 28 December 2020. In the meantime, check out our FAQ for answers and for information on how to contact us directly.

For questions regarding the legislation, please visit the FAQ section on the BCAA website