Drone Service Application

The new DSA tool is provided by skeyes free of charge. It allows you to plan and carry out all of your drone operations in skeyes controlled airspace, as well as in Kortrijk RMZ.

For authorization to fly in geozones other than skeyes CTRs and EBKT/RMZ, please consult which relevant geozone manager you need to contact via Droneguide Map.

What's available


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For more information about the legislation concerning drones, please visit the FAQ section on the BCAA website 

For more information about the skeyes UAS Geographical Zones and the Drone Service Application, please visit our FAQ

Drone Service Application Form

Please use the below form only in the following cases:

  • For flight requests in military zones; OR
  • For BVLOS flights; OR
  • If the DSA tool is inaccessible due to technical reasons;

Please note that if the above conditions are not met, your flight authorization request will not be handled. Please use the DSA tool instead.

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