With the explosive growth in the sales and use of drones comes the challenge of giving them access to the airspace in a safe way.

Dear drone enthusiast,

We would like to inform you that as of December 12, 2019, following a 3-month transition after go-live on September 12th, the use of the Droneguide platform will become mandatory for class 1 A and B notifications and class 1A derogation requests.

If not already done, please go ahead and register your account as soon as possible. You will find dedicated step-by-step guides on www.droneguide.be.
Following the mandatory use of Droneguide to legally notify your class 1 operations or request derogations, please be informed that:

  • Should, for any unexpected reason, the Droneguide platform be unavailable to users, the existing process for notifications (https://www.mobilit.fgov.be/formrpasnl) and class 1A derogation requests (e-mail to rpas.ops@mobilit.fgov.be with the documents provided on https://mobilit.belgium.be/nl/resource/aanvraagformulier_afwijking_rpas) remains available as a backup. You are however required to support your request through this channel with a valid motivation.
  • You will not receive a notification confirmation e-mail from Droneguide. For you, as a user, it legally suffices to have pressed the notification button in Droneguide. Droneguide forwards your notification to the authorities. For notifications done with the backup system you will still be able to request a confirmation e-mail.

During the Droneguide transition period the last three months we noticed some uncertainty regarding the following practical points. Please note that:

  • For derogation requests, the maximal throughput time of 15 working days remains unchanged following December 12th. Please keep this in mind when planning your operations.
  • Please also keep in mind the support channels in place. Failing to address them does not entitle you to use the backup channels for class 1 notifications and class 1A derogation requests.
  • For legal questions, please refer to the BCAA. For any other questions, please refer to Droneguide support. Start by checking www.droneguide.be.
  • When contacting our support teams, please provide a clear and concise description of your issue or question including all supporting information such as screenshots, case numbers, entity or person name, date and time, etc. This will allow us to help you more efficiently.

When planning your operations, especially derogation requests, during the Christmas holiday period please keep in mind the annual closing of the BCAA offices between 21/12/’19 and 05/01/’20. This period is not counted under the 15 working days of processing time. The Droneguide support team will remain available during this time, however in a limited capacity. To ensure a smooth registration, we advise you register your account as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Droneguide team

Dear drone enthusiasts

We have good news for you: a completely new version of Droneguide is live. Droneguide now offers you a web and mobile application and will become the channel for drone pilots and operators to plan and manage flights and operations.

With Droneguide you can now centrally manage your drone fleet and pilots, plan and notify operations, and request derogations.

Curious? Determine your user profile and get started today!

In 2020, a new European regulation will come into effect on the use of drones. It will have impact on skeyes that is responsible for the safe integration of Unmanned Traffic into classical air traffic, but also on the ever growing number of drone users.

Here, you will find more information on the new regulation.

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