With the explosive growth in the sales and use of drones comes the challenge of giving them access to the airspace in a safe way.

Droneguide will no longer be accessible in its current form as from 31/12/2020.

For consulting the restrictions and measures that apply to Belgian airspace, Droneguide Map will be updated as of 31/12/2020.

You can find more information on DRONEGUIDE MAP below.

For planning operations in skeyes geozones, the Drone Service Application will be mandatory to use as of 31/12/2020.

You can find more information on the Drone Service Application here.

What are the changes to Droneguide?

Since Droneguide is based on the Belgian drone legislation of 2016, it will no longer be compatible with the new European legislation. This means that:

The publication and visualisation of the UAS Geographical Zones in a digital format will be ensured through the continued use of the Droneguide Map, freshly updated and available from 31/12/2020 on https://map.droneguide.be.
This has become the new primary focus of
Droneguide Map as from 31/12/2020.

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