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I represent a Class 1 operator

A Class1 OPERATOR is …

  • … a legal entity that holds a valid BCAA issued Class1B Declaration or Class1A Authorization (Class1A requires a yearly renewal) based on an approved Ops Manual
  • … required to have at least one person designated as ‘Operator Admin’ in Droneguide. This is the person in charge of:
    • inviting pilots into the operator organization
    • officially sending out derogations towards the BCAA

I am a Class 1 pilot

A Class1 PILOT is …

  • …a person that holds a valid Class1 RPAS pilot license
  • … somebody who’s name appears on the list of pilots in a valid operations manual of at least one BCAA-authorised Class 1 (A or B) operator

Please be aware:

if you have a Class 1 pilot license but your name does not appear in a valid operations manual of at least one Class 1 authorized operator, you are not allowed to execute Class 1 flights. You should fly in Class 2 and get yourself a Class 2 Droneguide operator account

Just in case you are both: get started as
‘I represent a Class 1 operator’

Feature list

Features Class 1 (A&B) Operator
Flight validation, drone management and logbook
Pilot management and flight planning
BCAA drone & pilot import
Flight notifications

Droneguide offers the following functionalities:

  • Plan your flight operations directly on the map and provide your flight parameters.
  • Validate your flight operation plans (keep in mind the disclaimer).
  • Request and follow up on derogations requested for class 1a flights.
  • Central overview and management of your drone fleet and pilots.
  • Import the drones and pilots of your OPS handbook from the BCAA.
  • Submit and follow up on class 1 flight notifications.
  • Automatically log your flights into your logbook including your provided flight parameters.
  • Fly-Now feature to validate, notify and start an unplanned flight operation.