You represent a Class 1 operator and want to become the Droneguide operator admin?

There’s two options to choose from:

In case that Class 1 operator has a VAT/CDE number:

the role of Droneguide ‘Operator Admin’ needs to be assigned to you by the legal representative of that operator using the eGov role management portal, even if you are yourself that legal representative.

Get to know more in our Quickstart guide ‘Class 1 operator is a company’

In case that Class 1 operator has no VAT/CDE number:

that means the operator is you as a natural person and you automatically have the role of Droneguide ‘Operator Admin’ already assigned to you..

Get to know more in our Quickstart guide ‘Class 1 operator is a person’

Just as reminder

A Class 1 OPERATOR is ...

  • ... a legal entity that holds a valid BCAA issued Class1B Declaration or Class1A Authorization (Class1A requires a yearly renewal) based on an approved Ops Manual
  • … required to have at least one person designated as ‘Operator Admin’ in Droneguide. This is the person in charge of:
    • inviting pilots into the operator organization
    • officially sending out derogations towards the BCAA

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