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skeyes achieves GreenATM Level 3 accreditation

GreenATM level 3 accreditation

skeyes is very proud to announce that it has recently been awarded the CANSO GreenATM level 3 quality label. skeyes is one of the first air navigation service providers to be awarded this label, making it one of the world's "Best in Class" in terms of aeronautical sustainability.   

The GreenATM level 3 label is awarded to air navigation service providers that actively contribute to reducing their direct environmental impact and the emissions of the airspace users they control. ✈️   

For skeyes, sustainability and the reduction of the carbon footprint in the aeronautical world are an absolute priority. By optimising all ground, terminal and en-route operations of the aircraft under our control, we can effectively reduce emissions. On our way to the next level of GreenATM! 🌱 

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