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Enter one of the most beautiful offices in the world!


The control tower is a landmark in air traffic control and aviation. It offers a breathtaking view over the airport and the aircraft ballet and thereby evokes for many of us dreams and travel. This usually inaccessible place is now open to you thanks to a virtual tour put online by skeyes.

By following this freely accessible virtual tour, you will not only discover the control towers of the 6 Belgian airports (Brussels, Charleroi, Antwerp, Liège, Ostend and Courtrai), but also the CANAC 2 air traffic control center, where skeyes' air traffic controllers manage overflying air traffic up to an altitude of 7,500 meters. You will truly go behind the scenes of air traffic control, in secure places that are usually inaccessible to the public. You will learn more about how air traffic control works and about the equipment and technologies deployed by skeyes to ensure air traffic safety.

→ Start the tour here.

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