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Business Continuity Expert

Strengthening skeyes’ Business Resilience by preparing the organization for emergencies and other disruptive events through the implementation of the business continuity policy and in particular by developing and testing contingency plans to protect skeyes’ critical services and processes. The main objective is to help the company stay strong in the face of challenges, allow for adaptability and bounce back better from any disruptive event.

What does a skeyes Business Continuity Expert do?

Implement and continuous improve the Business Continuity Management Process.

  • Deploy skeyes’ business continuity policy and define areas for improvement contributing to skeyes’ overall continuous improvement
  • Monitor national and international developments and best practices in the aviation sector
  • Participate in and coordinate tasks in programs and projects related to business continuity.
  • Participate in and coordinate internal and external audits
  • Advise and support internal departments, in particular operational and technical business units

Perform Business Impact Analyses.

  • Collaborate with the various skeyes divisions to conduct Business Impact Analyses and to help define and maintain business continuity requirements
    • Determine business-critical activities and related resource requirements to ensure operational resilience and business continuity during and after a business malfunction or interruption.
    • Quantify the impacts of malfunctions on skeyes' services and activities, the risks to the service provision and the maximum allowable downtime (Recovery Time Objective, RTO) and the maximum allowable data loss (Recovery Point Objective, RPO)
  • Identify risk areas in critical services and processes in terms of business continuity and provide support as to improve the business continuity capacity
  • Provide support in assessing business continuity risk for outsourced, vendor and third-party activities.

Develop and test Contingency Plans.

  • Define the necessary contingency plans in collaboration with the various skeyes divisions and review and keep them up to date in line with industry and company requirements
  • Monitor trends in industry practices, technology and regulatory requirements to ensure that contingency plans meet current standards
  • Ensure synchronization of contingency documentation within skeyes
  • Ensure the regular preparation, organization and coordination of tests and contingency exercises and identify areas where improvements can be made
  • Provide support and contribute to the coordination of emergency situations

Realize the Business Continuity Reporting in close collaboration with other departments and stakeholders

  • Monitor and report on major incidents and crises
  • Realize the internal and external business continuity reporting

Develop and realize Business Continuity Training & Awareness Programs

Act as a point of contact for external partners and stakeholders

Candidate profile

What makes you the perfect Business Continuity Expert?

  • You have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of relevant professional experience in Business Continuity and Crisis Management and/or Incident Management, preferably in an aviation and/or industrial environment.
  • You have affinity with Risk Management and Risk Scenarios or a healthy curiosity about broader risk topics.
  • You are strong in critical thinking.
  • You think solution-oriented from a pragmatic perspective.
  • You have the capability to build bridges between business continuity and operations and like to work with multidisciplinary teams and subject matter experts.
  • You are flexible and open-minded within the team. You are not afraid of adjustments or changes and consider adaptability as key.
  • You have strong communication skills and know how to convince colleagues of new ways of working.
  • You are enterprising, organized and like to leave your mark on your work.
  • You speak and write fluently in English and Dutch and/or French.
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Security Screening

In light of the vacancy to which you respond we would like to draw your special attention to the fact that prior to being employed by skeyes candidates have to undergo a security screening which will be carried out by the National Security Authority. More info

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