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Multi-skilled Technical Employee

As a Multi-skilled Technical Employee, you are responsible for the high-quality execution of maintenance, renovation and finishing work on skeyes buildings.

What does a skeyes Multi-skilled Technical Employee do?

  • High-quality work? That is where you excel.
    From the initial assignment to the acceptance of the work, you ensure that it runs correctly and smoothly.
  • You build a relationship of trust with your manager and colleagues.
    Your manager expects that you can carry out the work autonomously. You can always contact him/her to exchange ideas about the best plan of action and to discuss the best tips & tricks. You help create a positive atmosphere in the team and are ready to lend a helping hand if necessary.
  • You ensure that work is conducted safely and professionally.
    Your professional pride guarantees a timely and high-quality execution of the work. Your multi-skilling helps you to perform various tasks (electricity, water, plasterboard, moving work, etc.). By attending training courses you ensure that you are always up to date with the latest (material) developments.
  • You help the team excel.
    You ensure that the excellent reputation of the team within skeyes is confirmed. You can count on your colleagues and your colleagues can count on you.

Candidate profile

What makes you the perfect Multi-skilled Technical Employee?

  • You have proven experience in performing various activities (different disciplines).
  • You give high priority to quality and timely acceptance
  • You are a real team player who can also carry out projects autonomously
  • You are flexible. You mainly work on the Steenokkerzeel site, but occasionally also at the other airports in Belgium (Antwerp, Ostend, Charleroi and Li├Ęge)
  • You are willing to take training courses to learn new techniques
  • Safety certificates are not a requirement, we will work on that together
  • You are bilingual (Dutch & French) and have a good knowledge of English
  • HVAC experience is an asset
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Security Screening

In light of the vacancy to which you respond we would like to draw your special attention to the fact that prior to being employed by skeyes candidates have to undergo a security screening which will be carried out by the National Security Authority. More info

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