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Project Manager Technical Installations

Designing and constructing new technical installations that meet the expectations of the user(s), the manager(s) and the safety requirements in order to ensure safety in air traffic.

Technical installations in buildings include: electricity (medium voltage, low voltage, UPS, diesel generators, batteries, ...), HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), heating, fire detection, gas extinguishing, lighting, emergency lighting, lightning protection and EMC.

What does a skeyes Project Manager Technical Installations do?

Ensuring the design and construction of building-technical installations that meet the legal provisions and expectations of users and systems to ensure the safety of air traffic. You are responsible for preparing, developing and following up various projects in the area of electrical engineering and general building-technical matters.

  • You give advice to project managers or other "internal customers" about possible solutions for electrotechnical challenges;
  • you are responsible for drawing up the electrical architecture necessary for the critical systems in existing or new environments in consultation with the specialists of the various systems and the BCM (Business Contingency Manager));
  • you are responsible for determining the scope, drawing up cost estimates, following up the planning, drawing up plans, specifications and bills of quantities, providing support in relation to the public procurement procedure and the purchasing procedures, following up the execution, discussing technical solutions with the contractors and strictly following up the as-built file until the handover of the project;
  • you are responsible for planning and coordinating the work with all stakeholders. Safety is always at the top of your priorities;
  • you are responsible for ensuring technical coherence with other disciplines (construction, HVAC, sanitation facilities, automation, voice, data communication, surveillance, etc.,...);
  • you are responsible for the transfer of the realised project to the service(s) that will be responsible for the maintenance of the installation.

Drawing up a project plan in consultation with the parties involved (managers, experts,...) to ensure that the technical projects are carried out in a structured manner, that all necessary parties are represented, all required expertise is available and all elements are taken into account.

Following up the project plan and supporting the Project team in its execution.

Ensuring the direct follow-up up to and including the formal hand-over after the implementation of the project so that its integration in the daily activities is ensured without negatively affecting quality, performance, safety guarantees, etc.

Leading the project staff.

Candidate profile

What makes you the perfect Project Manager Technical Installations?

  • you have a Master's degree in industrial sciences (industrial engineer) or a Master's degree in engineering in the field of electricity, electronics, (electro)mechanics, energy,...;
  • you have excellent knowledge of electrical networks, possible components (HV and LV), selectivity and cable calculations and legislation such as RGEI/AREI, RD of 2012, IEC61439, etc.;
  • you have knowledge of overvoltage protection, lightning arresters, energy monitoring, fire detection systems and automatic extinguishing systems, power groups, UPS systems, battery systems, telephone and data cabling, safety installations and critical installations,...;
  • you have knowledge of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installations;
  • you have extensive knowledge of general computer applications (experience with the software program Caneco is an advantage);
  • you have a perfect command of Dutch and a good knowledge of (technical) French (or vice versa) and English;
  • you are customer oriented, hands-on, communicative, diplomatic, driven and ensure the delivery of quality solutions that meet customer expectations;
  • you have the flexibility to work at different locations in Belgium, headquarters in Steenokkerzeel, other airports, radar installations, navigation beacons, Sowaer RTC,...;
  • Your knowledge and expertise in project management guarantee a successful management of the various projects, and/or you are willing to obtain a Prince 2 certification;
  • you have a certain interest in or affinity with aviation and a passion for technology;
  • knowledge of public procurement contracts is an advantage.
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Security Screening

In light of the vacancy to which you respond we would like to draw your special attention to the fact that prior to being employed by skeyes candidates have to undergo a security screening which will be carried out by the National Security Authority. More info

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