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Training/Development Specialist EPNB

Deliver training and services at an operational level. Develop new modules, courses and other services according to customer requests. Keep existing modules up to date with regard to current rules, regulations and best practices.

  • To manage and deliver training in accordance with plans, by acting as Teacher*,
    Course supervisor** or Instructor**
  • To take part in other tasks related to training. (internal projects, consultancy
    services, etc)
  • To note and act on any identified areas or details in need of improvements to be
    rectified. This also includes any suggestions on improvements to processes and
  • Handle the development of new modules, courses and other services
  • Create and update training material
  • Initiate new development projects
  • Cooperate with other departments in development projects
  • Keep up to date with news and development in the ATM world

At some courses the job holder is expected to travel to locations required by the

* Only if the job holder has or has had a valid rating in the actual discipline.
** All courses leading to a Training Certificate for an ATC rating or endorsement
require a rating within the actual module.
*** Only if the job holder has or has had a valid rating in the actual discipline or for
the AFIS module a validation as an AFIS operator.

Candidate profile

  • Education and experience
    The job holder needs to have or have had an ATCO license within at least one rating and at least 3 years of operational experience as Air Traffic Controller. Qualifying for the role is an academic degree, preferably in the pedagogical field.
    At least two years of experience of various roles related to the area of teaching is recommended. Experience from more than one unit or ANSP is recommended.
    Need to be fluent in using and teaching in English, orally and in writing.
    The role requires a common knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
  • Working with people
    Demonstrates an interest in and understanding of others. Adapts to the team and builds team spirit. Recognises and rewards the contribution of others. Listens, consults others and communicates proactively. Supports and cares for others. Develops and openly communicates self-insight such as an awareness of own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Presenting and communicating information
    Speaks clearly and fluently. Expresses opinions, information and key point so fan argument clearly. Makes presentations and undertakes public speaking with skill and confidence. Responds quickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback. Projects credibility.
  • Planning and organizing
    Sets clearly defined objectives. Plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances. Manages time effectively. Identifies and organizes resources needed to accomplish tasks. Monitors performance against deadlines and milestones.
  • Following instructions and procedures
    Appropriately follows instructions from others without unnecessarily challenging authority. Follow procedures and policies. Keeps to schedules. Arrives punctually for work and meetings. Demonstrates commitment to the organisation. Complies with legal obligations and safety requirements of the role.
  • Adapting and responding to change
    Adapts to changing circumstances. Accepts new ideas and change initiatives. Adapts interpersonal style to suit different people or situations. Shows respect and sensitivity towards cultural and religious differences. Deals with ambiguity, making positive use of the opportunities it presents.

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Security Screening

In light of the vacancy to which you respond we would like to draw your special attention to the fact that prior to being employed by skeyes candidates have to undergo a security screening which will be carried out by the National Security Authority. More info

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