Mission & Vision

Beyond safety, skeyes promotes the efficiency of drones for economic, social and environmental purposes

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Mission & Vision

skeyes in support of drone development

Drones are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives for professional activities such as photography, videos, support of special operations, and for recreational purposes too. Their integration in the Belgian airspace is considered to be one of skeyes’ priorities , as the company historically provides services to airspace users. skeyes intends to support a safe and secure integration of drones within the airspace and around civil airports, in order to serve all airspace users and to contribute to the positive economic, social and environmental benefits of drone activities. To achieve this and in order to put in place tools and services ensuring equitable access to a seamless and secure airspace, skeyes takes part in research and development with SkeyDrone.

Three main domains have to be considered.

Operational domain

By providing support and developing innovative concepts, improving integration of unmanned aircraft in controlled civil airspaces, skeyes ensures a safe co-existence of manned and unmanned aircraft in anticipation of the future UTM/ATM environment. Considering the future implementation of U-space airspaces, skeyes is preparing to provide efficient services, in particular with regard to the future dynamic airspace reconfiguration functionality that will be implemented.

Information domain

One of the key factors for successfully implementing the future U-space airspace concept is the exchange of relevant operational information. As an historical aeronautical information provider (AIM), skeyes aims to develop an effective and comprehensive solution to support relevant information sharing for U-space service provision as well as for the benefit of drone operators.

Security domain

Because safe and secure drone operations will enhance social acceptance of these new airspace users, skeyes is keen to use emerging technologies that facilitate the handling of drones. For instance, skeyes will be contributing to the security of airport infrastructures in collaboration with State and Airport authorities.

skeyes aims to ensure an efficient and effective service provision integrating all users in the airspace in a safe and secure way. Our goal is to optimise our service provision for the benefit of all our customers, both professional and recreational.

Drones, a sustainable partner for skeyes

In a rather short period of time, drones have proved to be very useful for society. Drones have been successful as emergency response to deliver humanitarian aid, disaster relief, assess damage and locate victims. Even as recently as July in Western Europe drones were used to assess the situation. UAVs have also largely contributed to animal science, protection and research, providing scientists with views they had never seen before. Drones have also become a structural ally in the healthcare industry. In general, the advantages drones bring to society are tremendous. Today they are already sustainably transforming many business sectors, including ours.

One of the projects skeyes is participating in is the SAFIR-Med project (https://www.safir-med.eu/), which focuses on demonstrating medical air mobility with drones.

Recently skeyes has decided to use CNS drones in order to check the performance of navigation aids. Previously these routine checks were performed by using airplanes. Other tests have been carried out with innovative long-range safety drones to determine how drones can increase the safety and efficiency of airport operations. skeyes also tested a drone detection system to spot unwanted drones in order to keep the population safe at all times. These projects demonstrate how using drones is more sustainable. Without moving staff, we save fuel and time while improving the efficiency of the intervention when needed.

skeyes has incorporated UAVs in the third pillar of its CSR strategy. Drones will forever change our lives for the better as they are a valuable socially responsible means of transport. skeyes will continue to safely and sustainably guide you on this journey; as drones might save your life one day and certainly make your daily life better.

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