Wind Turbine Consultation Map

The latest version of the Wind Turbine Consultation Map can be downloaded in several representations by clicking on one of the links below:

  • Raster type:

  • Vector type:

The legend explains how to use the map.

By using the accompanying meta-data file (bmp + bpw; jpeg + jgw; tiff + tfw) the maps can be included in a GIS as georeferenced raster.

The map shows per zone which type of study is necessary and where wind turbines cannot be authorised for safety reasons. The reference criteria are shown on the map in colour (contoured, hatched and coloured areas).

  • Red zones: in these zones there is an unacceptable impact of the wind turbines on the installations used and/or operations carried out by skeyes. As a result, turbines cannot be authorised in these zones.
  • Orange zones: in these zones there is always an impact on the installations used and/or operations carried out by skeyes. To this end, a more extensive study needs to be carried out.
  • Hatched blue zone: in these zones, there is always an impact on operations. To this end, a more extensive study should be carried out.
  • Light grey zones: in these zones a simple internal study will be carried out. This applies to the installation of a limited number of wind turbines (< 10) of a maximum height of 210 m and depends on the location with regard to the installations and procedures (including MSA, Minimum Sector Altitude) of skeyes

This map shows which type of assessment is required. An assessment of the installation of wind turbines against this map and reference criteria never replaces the pre- or official advice of skeyes. Following the established procedure a request always has to be submitted with the Urbanism service ( or the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (DGLV/DGTA).

The Wind Turbine Consultation Map is drawn up for wind turbines with a maximum tip height of 210 m. For larger turbines, as well as for wind farms as from 10 turbines (including turbines that have already been built and/or licensed) or for a cluster with a possible cumulative effect depending on the location, an ad hoc assessment will always be necessary.

In evaluating the possible impact of the wind turbine, its blades are always taken into account. If the blades enter a certain zone (orange, red, hatched,…), the complete wind turbine will then be analysed based on the entered zone. Wind turbines that already have been licensed or built, as well as requests for which a favourable preliminary opinion was delivered, are taken into account in the evaluation, because of the possible cumulative effect of a cluster of wind turbines.

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