Special Activities Coordination Cell

The Special Activities Coordination Cell (SPACC) coordinates all flights that have a specific character and require special handling by ATC, as well as all activities, airborne and ground-based, that can have an impact on regular air traffic in controlled airspace.

The following activities shall be requested from the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) (website only available in French or Dutch) and not via SPACC:

  • Ground-based activities, such as the release of toy balloons, fireworks display, sky tracers, etc.;
  • Flights with model aircraft;
  • Parachuting activities;
  • Temporary heliports for pleasure flights.

Approval for special flights needs to be obtained directly from SPACC using the Drone & Aerial Activities Planner. These special flights include calibration flights, test flights, check flights, aerial surveys, radio/TV relay flights, pleasure flights, etc. A brief overview of the functionalities of the Drone & Aerial Activities Planner is available in this video.

Flights operating below the legal minimum flight altitude (SERA.5005) require the prior approval from the BCAA. More information on this can be obtained from the BCAA website (only available in French or Dutch).

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