Types of opinion

The Urbanism service issues two types of opinion: preliminary opinions and official opinions.

Preliminary opinions

A preliminary opinion can be obtained directly from the Urbanism service. In view of the more complex analysis for the establishment of wind turbines a lump sum of € 900,00 is charged.

Preliminary opinions are valid for a 2-year period. Within that 2-year timeframe the applicant can request the preliminary opinion to be extended. In case of extension of the preliminary opinion and of official requests for opinions the requested establishment of the constructions / installations is retested against the evaluation criteria. That may result in the preliminary opinion to be derogated from.

Official opinions

skeyes receives official requests for opinions through the Directorate-General for Air Transport (DGLV/DGTA), the Omgevingsloket voor Vlaanderen or through other public authorities.

Formal opinions remain valid for the duration of the authorization granted for the establishment and exploitation of the construction.

If it would be decided, against the negative opinion of skeyes, to build constructions / installations, skeyes cannot be held responsible for any possible consequences.

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