Buildings and permanent constructions

Every opinion request for permanent constructions in the immediate vicinity of airports controlled by skeyes is analysed by the Urbanism service. Permanent constructions consist of e.g. buildings, power lines, antennae, transmission equipment, solar panels and tall plants or vegetation.

It is verified whether there is a possible impact on the operations at and around the airport. Constructions may not constitute an obstacle to the air traffic controllers’ view of arriving and departing aircraft. Moreover the flight procedures (Obstacle free zones around controlled airports) are also verified, as well as any possible interference of the construction with the technical installations (Communication, navigation and surveillance).

The criteria used by skeyes are based on the existing ICAO regulation, studies commissioned by skeyes, international studies in which skeyes has participated (Eurocontrol among others), international guidelines, information exchanged in various fora in which skeyes actively participates (ICAO, Eurocontrol, etc.), on experience of other ANSPs and on skeyes’s own experience.

Publication obstacle

For exceptional constructions such as power lines and obstacles larger than 60m AGL the prime contractor has to contact skeyes at least 30 days before the start of the works so as to allow the new ‘obstacle’ to be published in the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication).

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