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Droneguide gives drone operators an overview of the Belgian airspace relevant to them. The operator can search for a specific address or look for it on the map. The geozones will be shown for the selected location. The conditions that need to be complied with can be checked in the ’Access conditions’ tab.

Use of Droneguide

On you can find the official national map depicting UAS geographical zones (usually called “geozones”) as defined by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), in compliance with article 15 of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 of 24 May 2019 on the rules and procedures for operations of unmanned aircraft, and the Ministerial Decree of 21 December 2021. Geozones are defined with geographical limits and access conditions.

Access conditions

Geozones are defined to regulate access to certain portions of airspace to drones for safety, security, privacy or environmental reasons. Therefore, operational and/or technical conditions to access are defined at State level. These access conditions are also available via by clicking on the geozone concerned. UAS operators shall comply with access conditions as well as with all other applicable rules.

Request access to a UAS Geographical Zone managed by skeyes or the military

Since the very beginning, skeyes has been working closely together with both the drone industry and the authorities to safely allow drone operations within controlled airspace. Within the original national legislation of 2016, this was a slow and difficult process. However, with the dawn of the new European drone legislation, skeyes eased this process by developing their Drones & Aerial Activities together with their daughter company SkeyDrone. This tool allows a streamlined process for requesting and approving drone operations in controlled airspace, while maintaining safety as the primary goal.

skeyes drone support

For more information about the skeyes UAS Geographical Zones and the Drones & Aerial Activities, please visit our FAQ.

Consult the drone legislation

For more information about the drone legislation, please visit the BCAA website. For any specific question, we refer you to their FAQ.

Please note that these links are only available in French and Dutch.

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