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Drone Service Application

According to new European drone regulations, UAS geographical zones (so-called “geozones”) have been created since 31 December 2020. These zones are only accessible to drones complying with technical and operational criteria as well as restrictions with regard to the use of these drones. Therefore, skeyes implemented a web application to facilitate planning, coordination and information flow procedures between drone operators/pilots and Air Traffic Control.

This new application, Drone Service Application (DSA), was designed by SkeyDrone, a daughter company of skeyes. It serves two main objectives :

  • a simplified planning process for drone operators, as well as less red tape for the skeyes Special Activities Coordination Cell;
  • visualised planned drones operations for the skeyes Air Traffic Control units (civilian CTRs) and the Aerodrome Flight Information Service unit (EBKT RMZ).

These zones are the controlled airspaces around the airports of:

  • Ostend (EBOS);
  • Antwerp (EBAW);
  • Brussels (EBBR);
  • Charleroi (EBCI);
  • Liege (EBLG);
  • and the zones around the airport of Kortrijk-Wevelgem (EBKT).

Choose your tool

Please use the below form only in the following cases:

  • for Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) flights;

  • if the DSA tool is inaccessible for technical reasons.

If the above conditions are not met, your flight authorization request will not be processed. Please use the adequate DSA tool instead.


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