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In some older documents we might still talk about DSA, the functionalities however have remained the same in DAA.

Drone – general knowledge

Drones & Aerial Activities tool

DAA - General

Is a user manual available for the Drones & Aerial Activities tool?

The user manual and a quick-start guide for the DAA Planner module are available below:

  • When should I use which DAA module (Planner/Fly)?

  • How much does it cost to use the Drones & Aerial Activities tool?

    The DAA tool is provided free of charge by skeyes.
  • When do I use the DAA tool?

    If you wish to fly in the geozones of Ostend, Antwerp, Charleroi, Brussels, Liège, and/or Kortrijk Radio Mandatory Zone, you will need to use the Drones & Aerial Activities tool to request flight access.

    You cannot use the DAA tool to request access to other Belgian or European geographical zones.

    For requesting authorization in other zones, you must contact the relevant geozone manager as available on

  • The Drones & Aerial Activities tool is in maintenance. How long will this last?

    Whenever updates are performed on one of the applications, the Drones & Aerial Activities tool (DAA) is put into maintenance mode, making it unavailable for the users.

    This ensures that the technical intervention can be performed without potentially jeopardizing ongoing operations.

    These maintenance activities are announced by NOTAM, you can find the NOTAMs for each day and the day after on the website of skeyes (AIM-Meteo Briefing - (

    In this notice you can find the date and estimated time the system will be unavailable.

  • How do I sign up for the Drones & Aerial Activities tool?

    Before you start, make sure that you have completed all other necessary steps regulatory steps.

    Signing up to the Drones & Aerial Activities tool is very straightforward.

    • Navigate to, and click on "Sign up".
    • Enter your name, e-mail, password, and preferred language.
    • You will receive a confirmation e-mail to finish the account creation process.

    After creating your account, you still need to add your assets (= operator(s), pilot(s), drone(s)).

    To do this:

    • Log-in on the DAA tool.
    • In the left column, your "Assets" will be listed.
    • Add at least 1 asset for each category.
  • What is the Privacy Notice of the Drones & Aerial Activities tool?

  • What are the Terms and Conditions of the Drones & Aerial Activities tool?

    The Terms and Conditions of the Drones & Aerial Activities tool can be found in the document below.

  • What about non-skeyes airspace? Can I also use the DAA tool to request authorization to fly in those geozones?

    No, DAA can only be used in the skeyes CTR’s as well as Kortrijk EBKT RMZ. For requesting authorization in other zones, you must contact the relevant geozone manager as indicated on

    Droneguide Map will be updated with the new geozones from the 31st of December 2020.

  • My operator/pilot's status is "pending consent"/"consent required". What does this mean?

    The "pending consent"/"consent required" status indicates that you have indicated the pilot or operator you have selected for your operation, has not yet consented to your operation.

    After you have chosen the operator and pilot for your operation, they still need to confirm that they will be part of this operation. They will receive an e-mail inviting them to confirm their operation.

    If they already have a DAA account, after logging in they will be presented with the option to either accept or reject their role for the operation.

    If they do not have a DAA account yet, they will first have to go through the account creation process before being able to accept/reject the operation.

  • How will my assets (drones, operators, pilots) be verified when I add them to the DAA tool?

    With the DAA tool, validation with regards to the national registry (itsme; ID-card) will no longer be needed.

    However, every user of the DAA will need to identify himself/herself through a registration process involving a unique mobile phone number which will be linked to that person.

    It will be the responsibility of the user of the DAA tool to make sure that all data provided in the flight authorization request are truthful and correct.

  • What is the difference between an operator and a pilot in the DAA tool?

    The operator is the person who represents the operator, and is the end responsible for the operation. In the new legislation every operator needs to be registered at the BCAA and will receive a unique operator ID (for more information, see

    The pilot is the natural person who will be executing the operation, and thus in control of the flight. He or she will need to make sure to have the required pilot compencies to be allowed to execute the planned flight.

  • Where can I find my full operation ID?

    When you create an operation, it is automatically assigned an operation ID. You will most likely have seen this in your list of operations.

    However, this is only the short version of the operation's ID.

    The full operation ID can be found when clicking on your operation, and navigating to the "General" tab.

    When contacting skeyes drone support with questions on one of your operations, please also include the full operation ID of the operation in question.

  • How do I reschedule an operation in DAA Planner?

  • What if I encounter issues with my registration-ID in DAA?

  • My drone is non-Cx compliant, and weighs >900g. How do I request a flight authorization?

DAA - Technical issues

I cannot scroll down in the DAA Fly module.

Note: for older models of iPhone (generally older than iPhone 5s), the below solution will not work. Please make sure that you are fully zoomed out, this might already solve the issue.

This problem can be solved by adding the DAA Fly module to the home screen of your smartphone:

  • For iPhone (Safari) users:
    • Go to
    • Tap on the "share" button
    • Scroll down and tap on "Add to home screen"
    • Confirm in the top right ("Add")
  • For Android users:
    • Go to
    • {Google Chrome} Tap on the ellipsis icon (3 dots) in the top right and tap "Add to home screen". Confirm by tapping "Add".
    • {Opera} Tap on the +-sign to the left of the address bar, select "Add to home screen". Confirm by tapping "Add".
    • {Firefox} Tap on the menu button (either on bottom of the screen or in the top right), select "Page" and then "Add page shortcut".
    • {Samsung Internet} Tap on the three bars button in the bottom right, tap "Add page to" and then "Home screen". Confirm by tapping "Add"
  • I have an issue with the Drones & Aerial Activities tool tool, how can I contact support?

    If you are experiencing issues with the Drones & Aerial Activities tool, or have questions on the new skeyes geozones, you can reach out to us by:

    • The "Submit a Request" button at the top of this page.
    • Sending an e-mail to

    Please provide as much information as possible (screenshots help us out tremendously) in your request, so we can help resolve your issue as fast as possible.

  • I can't find the verification mail from DAA Planner. What do I need to do?

    1. Check your SPAM-box, to see if the verification mail has accidentally ended up there.
    2. If you have an e-mail account that ends with @me or @icloud, we recommend you create your account via an alternative e-mail address.
    3. If you still are not receiving a verification mail, please log a request via the button at the top right of our support site.
  • I am unable to log in to the tool, but have an operation soon. What should I do?

    If you have an operation planned later in the day, but you are unable to log in to your DAA Fly account, you might still be allowed to execute your planned operation.

    However, you must call ATC 30 min before your flight, no matter which zone you are flying in (VLL2/VLL1/VLL0/EBKT2/EBKT1) and follow the instructions which are given to you.

  • My e-mail address ends with @me or @icloud, and I haven't received a verification e-mail yet. What should I do?

    We are experiencing some issues with users signing up for DAA with an e-mail address ending with @me or @icloud.

    We are currently investigating how to resolve this issue.

    In the meantime, we recommend to create a DAA Planner account with an alternative e-mail address that is not related to Apple.


  • What do the colors of a geozone mean in Droneguide Map?

  • Data on the Droneguide platform is not correct who do I need to contact?

    Whenever you notice data on the Droneguide map is not correct you contact skeyes via
  • My own contact details on the Droneguide platform are incorrect, who do I need to contact?

    When as a geozones manager you want to have your contact details changed you should contact BCAA in order to inform them on this change. (

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