Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic control is in full development. In order to manage this traffic, skeyes is regularly looking for new and motivated candidates for the job of air traffic controller.

Become an air traffic controller

skeyes is currently looking for new Air Traffic Controllers (m/f/x). You can apply for the selection tests until March 31, 2024 included.

Important: it is not possible to apply in English. You must choose to apply either in Dutch or in French. The language you choose determines not only the language in which you receive your correspondence from skeyes, but also the language in which you will have to take the interview.

If you want to be considered as a Dutch-speaking candidate, click below:

If you want to be considered as a French-speaking candidate, click below:

Below you will find the timetable for the different stages of the selection process*:

Registrations 05/02 - 31/03
FEAST I / FEAST III 11/03 - 05/04
FEAST II 08/04 - 26/04
Simulation exercise & motivation assessment 29/04 - 31/05
Competency based interview (CBI) 03/06 - 28/06
Medical examination 10/06 - 05/07

*This schedule is indicative and may change.

What do our air traffic controllers do?

As an air traffic controller you are responsible for safe and efficient incoming, outgoing and overflying air traffic in the controlled airspace above Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Every year, skeyes controls over 1 million aircraft movements. Both during the day and at night our air traffic controllers are on hand to give the pilots the necessary instructions regarding their flight level, flight paths and most importantly, to ensure that aircrafts remain at a safe distance from one other. Ladies and gentlemen, please board for this exciting job and reach the sky!

Will you help us keep our airspace safe? Become an air traffic controller!


Applicants' attention is drawn to the existence of a training clause in the skeyes, which applies in full to candidates selected for the training. This clause implies that, for a period of 3 years after the candidate has completed his air traffic controller training (i.e. the 'performance period'), he may be obliged to reimburse part of the costs of skeyes training in the event of voluntary departure. This part consists of a maximum of 80% of a part of the training costs during the first year, a maximum of 50% of a part of the training costs during the second year and a maximum of 20% of a part of the training costs during the third year, without the reimbursement ever exceeding 30% of the last annual salary.

02 // Selection process

What are the different steps in the selection process?


The training to become an air traffic controller consists of two successive phases:

During the training, there are several assessments. Depending on the results of these assessments, you can continue the training, receive remedial action (if applicable) or your training is discontinued.
The entire training is in English and all evaluations (written and oral) are in English.

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