At the airport - Boarding

Well before you arrive at the airport your flight has been extensively prepared. The pilots provide skeyes with a flight plan. That flight plan is entered into both skeyes’ and international air traffic control systems.
Based on the flight plan, the handling company that will be servicing your aircraft prepares a flight dossier containing aeronautical and meteorological information specifically tailored to your flight and drawn up with the help of skeyes. That flight dossier is transferred to the pilots at a briefing prior to your departure.
In order to make sure your flight goes smoothly and according to schedule, numerous stakeholders have to co-ordinate among themselves. That is why skeyes applies Collaborative Decision Making (CDM). It was introduced by skeyes via the application of the Airport Movement System and it allows the stakeholders to take the right decisions together with their partners (airport operators, airline companies, handlers, air traffic control, etc.) by means of exchanging information. Every step of the process is meticulously planned so that you can board an aircraft that is verified, cleaned, refuelled and ready for take-off.

Your Safe Flight