skeyes manages navigation and communication equipment, such as ground beacons which allow the pilot of your flight to plot and follow a course, as well as the antennae for transmitting and receiving data and vocal communication.
Once your aircraft is heading towards its destination, the ACC controller in the CANAC 2 control centre integrates your aircraft in the traffic flow and makes sure it keeps a safe distance from other airspace users. Minimum separation distance is 5 nautical miles horizontally, or 9 km, and 1.000 feet (about 300 metres) vertically. When the aircraft exits the Belgian airspace, the skeyes controller responsible for your flight co-ordinates the hand-over with a controller of the neighbouring country. skeyes manages air traffic up to 24,500 feet (or 7,500m). Above that altitude, Eurocontrol’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) takes over.
When your aircraft moves in the controlled airspace, it uses a network of air routes. That network is established by the skeyes Airspace Design experts. In order to guarantee maximum flight efficiency as well as the shortest possible routes, traffic flows are managed in real time by the skeyes controllers, who propose the most direct routes possible to pilots by e.g. flying through military airspace when it is not in use.

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