skeyes manages the communication, radar surveillance and navigation infrastructure such as the Instrument Landing System (ILS) which offers technical support to pilots when they land their aircraft. All those systems are permanently maintained and monitored by skeyes’ technicians from the Technical Watch Centre.
Just like your departure, your arrival is co-ordinated with Eurocontrol. As soon as your aircraft enters the airport’s terminal zone the ‘air’ tower controller authorises it to land on a selected runway depending on the wind conditions and safety considerations. You have reached your destination. A ‘ground’ tower controller will guide your aircraft to the gate.
Large objects, such as wind turbines, can cause disturbances for communication instruments or radars. skeyes provides its expertise in wind power projects and facilitates the development of those renewable energies.
For air navigation safety, it is crucial to have accurate and reliable meteorological information at disposal. skeyes also provides forecast and meteorological observation data tailored to the aviation sector, both in the airspace itself and at airports.

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