Your departure

For air navigation safety, it is crucial to have accurate and reliable meteorological information at disposal. skeyes also provides forecast and meteorological observation data tailored to the aviation sector, both in the airspace itself and at airports.
Large objects, such as wind turbines, can cause disturbances for communication instruments or radars. skeyes provides its expertise in wind power projects and facilitates the development of those renewable energies.
While you are strapping on your seat belt, an air traffic controller in the control tower at the clearance delivery position gives the pilot the all-clear to start his engines. He co-ordinates your aircraft’s departure with Eurocontrol, which manages the air traffic flows in the whole of Europe to ensure that the take-off takes place in the right slot.
skeyes manages a radar network that allows to localise and identify the en-route and approaching aircraft as well as the vehicles and aircraft at ground level.
You are now heading in the direction of the runway. One of our ‘ground’ air traffic controllers in the control tower watches over your safety at the taxiways of the airport. He sees to it that the road is clear and integrates your aircraft in the take-off sequence. He benefits from an excellent bird’s-eye view of the whole airport premises and can also rely on several radars managed by skeyes to identify each vehicle on the taxiways and on a camera circuit. In order to guarantee maximum safety, the Airport Safety Nets warn the controller in case a potential conflict should arise.

Your journey

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